Upcoming Products

Paranesia: Eccentric, story-driven roleplaying in a fantasy world burdened with modernity. Paranesia is our flagship product; a reimagined version of our old game with a more coherent concept and a 500% improvement in production value.

Are You Dead?: A social party game that's also a brain teaser. Unlike the classic Mafia or Werewolf games it's inspired by, you can keep playing even after you die.

Dark Secrets of the Occult Coloring Spellbook (Paranesia supplement): Hundreds of spells and other supernatural abilities to enhance power   and encourage creative problem solving.

Unnamed Magic Item Compendium (Paranesia supplement): It is what it sounds like. Maybe we'll even call it that. Count on a generous supply of creative, quirky, story-friendly items.

The Monster Cookbook (Paranesia supplement): This compendium of monsters will delight, amuse, challenge, frustrate, slaughter, and, yes, tickle the taste buds of your players.

The Feastiary: More monsters, more delicious monster recipes, and an adventure in which to use them both!

Zephyrcraft: A new game concept set in the universe of Paranesia. Watch this space for more.

Raiders of the Whun Ring: The Dark Fellowship (Paranesia adventure): You're part of a melodramatically evil team charged with the task of bypassing the copyright barrier and travelling to [deleted for copyright reasons]. Foil orcs and tricksy hobbitses in pursuit of this "whun ring"!


OK, fair enough, this isn't upcoming, but we'd just like to direct your attention to the fact that Chain of Being was our first game and system and that you can buy it here!

Secret Dicebag Project

We're going to change the way you hold on to your dice.